End Of Crisis



The cruise liner business is thriving like never before. 

Deep sea, the great outdoors, the journey to alien lands - all of this is not the dream's fulfillment, this is not what money is saved and paid for. The appeal of a foreign city's port has long since been surpassed by an on-board overture.

The liner and it's countless entertainment facilities are the target of an journey. Relaxation, pleasure and treats in a moving temple of amusement. As a traveler one can leave behind every day life on 13 decks of roulette tables, Bingo and shopping malls. 24 hours of every day. It's a fascinating coexisting world that gathers holidaymakers.

This artificially designed place functions by laws familiar to anybody who is well versed with mass entertainment.

People buy into a community of givers and takers to attain their dream of a perfect holiday.